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“I am a concerned citizen of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. Rhodia, Inc.
of Baton Rouge has been planning to burn a Napalm-toulene mixture as
part of a U.S. Naval disposal contract. Rhodia's plans are to burn
approximately 2 million pounds of this mixture in a process that would
last about 18 months. The good citizens(economically
disadvantaged/deprived African-Americans) in the vicinty of the Rhodia
plant are desperately trying to find a way to halt the planned burn of
this dangerous chemical mixture. Also of concern to the citizens of
this area are the possibilty of leaks, exposure to radical hydrocarbons
(benzene, styrene, toulene,etc.) and explosions during transportation,
storage and final incineration of the Napalm-toulene mixture. On that
note, we were alarmed quite recently by a Sulfur Trioxide leak at the
Baton Rouge Rhodia Plant on February 26, 1999, however, your trials with
this "International" company are absolutely appalling. We do not want
to suffer the same consequences here. I would appreciate any and all
information concerning your fight with Rhodia. Rhodia, Inc. and its
parent company, Rhone-Poulenc must be shown that such environmental
injustice will not be tolerated. Thank you for sharing your story with
the world!!
Go With God,
Deidre Hardy”


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